The analysis group will be presenting five consecutive seminars starting on Wed 9 June at 1500 BST (1400 GMT). Each seminar will focus on one of the primary publications to come from the CRyPTIC project.

In the first seminar we will begin by describing the Release One dataset

The CRyPTIC Release One dataset: how it was constructed and what is in it?

Martin Hunt, Jeff Knaggs and Philip Fowler

before moving on to discuss the primary publication laying out the ECOFF/ECV values derived for the UKMYC series of microtitre plates.

Which MICs indicate resistance? ECOFF/ECVs for the UKMYC series of 96-well plates

Philip Fowler

This is available as a preprint here and will be submitted to a journal following the seminar. If you haven’t received your invitation, please contact Aysha Roohi or Philip Fowler at the University of Oxford.