Take a look at the exciting publications by CRyPTIC!

1) Decrypting drug resistance in tuberculosis around the world with CRyPTIC, by Ana Gibertoni Cruz and Phil Fowler, published in Phenotypethe Science Journal of the Oxford Biochemistry Society, Issue 24 Trinity Term 2016

2) Validating a 14-Drug Microtiter Plate Containing Bedaquiline and Delamanid for Large-Scale Research Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, by the CRyPTIC Consortium, published in Antimicrobial agents and Chemotherapy, August 2018

3) Prediction of Susceptibility to First-Line Tuberculosis Drugs by DNA Sequencing, by the CRyPTIC Consortium and the 100,00 Genomes Project, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, September 2018

4) Automated detection of bacterial growth on 96-well plates for high-throughput drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, by Phil Fowler and other CRyPTIC members, published in Microbiology, October 2018

5) Application of machine learning techniques to tuberculosis drug resistance analysis, by Samaneh Kouchaki and CRyPTIC Consortium, published by Bioinformatics, November 2018

6) DeepAMR for predicting co-occurrent resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, by Tim Walker and CRyPTIC Consortium, published by Bioinformatics, January 2019