Over 10 million people fell ill from TB in 2015 and 1.8 million died from the infection. Amongst the 500,000 people who were estimated to have MDR disease in the same year, only 1 in 5 actually received the appropriate treatment, only to face a 50% chance of cure (you can click here to know more about TB globally by accessing the World Health Organisation’s most recent report). It is not hard to picture the enormous burden TB is for communities around the world, and what an emotive and compelling focus to galvanise publically-minded people this topic is.

We plan to foster public engagement by linking with prominent non-profit organisations in the TB field who are willing to become involved with our project and develop public engagement strategies with us as an effective method of promoting TB control. CRyPTIC will facilitate applications for Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Funding to enable projects come to fruition.

Please watch this space for updates.